What is the Meaning of Colors?

The effect of colors , which is seriously in psychology; What they arouse in humans is an issue that needs to be examined on its own and will positively affect our social life.

So what do colors tell us and what means ?

  • RED : It is the indispensable showcase color of red food companies, which opens up and accelerates blood flow. It is aimed to increase the appetite of the visitors to eat more and the sales boom is targeted. Although it is a color that cannot be seen from a distance, it is unknown why it is used on the top of skyscrapers in our country. (Blue color is not used in the world.)
  • WHITE: & nbsp; It means cleanliness and purity. It represents death. In job interviews, he gives the message that I am permanent.
  • GREEN: It gives people confidence. It has a relaxing and creative effect. Looking green for a long time kills two cells in the eye, so another color cannot be detected for a long time.
  • BROWN: Provides mobility. For this reason, it is used in fast food style restaurants and gives the message "eat quickly, go and get a new one, get a profit". This color, which represents informal comfort, is not used in job interviews because it creates a perception as frivolous.
  • BLACK: It is power and ambition. It is the best choice to concentrate and gives the image of an ambitious and unabashed staff during a job interview.
  • GRAY: is diplomatic. It represents seriousness and immobility. It is monotonous and formal color.
  • PURPLE: It is the color that reveals the fear that lies in our subconscious. When suicide cases were examined, the most observed color in a person's belongings was the color . Expresses the crisis.
  • Blue: signifies calmness. Features are used in schools and children's rooms. It is aimed to stop excessive activity in children. The dark blue tone in particular gives a full authority signal. It is noticeable even from afar. For this reason, the color of the light used on top of skyscrapers in the world is blue.