The Importance of Drawing for Children

The Importance of Drawing for Children

& nbsp; Painting is actually more than painting something. It is to reflect emotions, to share thoughts, to express oneself. Painting, which has many types, has been a great endeavor for us in our early ages, that is, in our childhood. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the meaning of this meaningful pursuit for children, which many of us forgot, is in some ways much more valuable than adults.

The Importance of Painting

& nbsp; Making children love to paint is undoubtedly a very important issue. Painting can be a fun tool for a child, an important element in building self-confidence and a tool for self-reflection. Unfortunately, in today's world, there are many issues, especially the digital world, that distract children. These issues, unfortunately, generally do not support creativity and sometimes limit creativity to a great extent. Drawing is a pencil, brush, etc. with paper, canvas etc. Understanding that there is much more than meeting is a subject that should be grasped by adults. Because adults who cannot comprehend this subject do not support the child's painting, they can ignore the meanings it contains in the case of drawing.

& nbsp; Painting is an extremely colorful and vast, different occupation for children, such as living by heart of today's world, supporting creativity from routine movements and habits, producing something new, and opening up to different worlds. At the same time, painting has a great place in the growth and growth of a child, not only in terms of material but also spiritual. Because with painting, a child's horizons will expand. Of course, it is unfair to a child to wait for the works of art by very famous painters. However, whether the picture is a stick man or a crooked shape, the meaning of this in the child may be much greater than what you look at, at first glance, and perhaps for some of his works, you may never see exactly what the children want to share.

Picture Can Be A Communication Tool

& nbsp; Sometimes, if not always, a picture can be a communication tool for children whether they want you to see it or not. A letter in which he shares his feelings, experiences, or wishes to live can see the purpose.

& nbsp; Especially for a child who is just starting to speak in the early years of childhood, his vocabulary will be very narrow. However, if he has the ability to paint, or if he is old enough to paint, painting will fill the communication gap that the child cannot write or translate verbally. So much so that it is possible for a child to want to show you the difficulties they face in their daily life with their pictures. There is almost no feeling that painting cannot convey. A child can announce his sadness, happiness, longing or fears to you with a picture.

& nbsp; Filling paper used for painting, selection of colors, etc. elements may reflect a child's hidden traits. It can carry clues from his character.

& nbsp; For all these reasons, it is extremely important for children to get acquainted with this beautiful pursuit where they can increase their creativity and express themselves without meeting the digital world, especially in their early years. It should not be forgotten that the imagination of children is wide and painting is one of the best tools for sharing it.