Instagram's Curious Stats

Instagram's Curious Stats

In fact, if you still do not have an Instagram account, this news does not concern you at all J

But if you have an account or even more; We thought you would want to learn some things about Instagram , where you log in every day and spend a lot of time. Let's see, the numerical values ​​and interesting statistics of Instagram as of December:

* An average of 800 million people log into Instagram every month around the world .

* Instagram has a real youth audience. Considering its members around the world, 30% of them are between the ages of 18-24. The other 30% is between the ages of 25-34. We can call the remaining 40% of the population from 13 to 100 years old. Of course, it is difficult to give a clear figure on this subject J

* Everyone has used these hashes once. Love, beautiful, instagood, fasion, tbt are some of the most preferred labels in daily use.

* 60% of the current registered members must be logged in once every day . (Isn't it a good figure? J)

* Maybe not just for Instagram, but smiley, crying face, heart and heart-shaped emojis are the most preferred emotion signs J (Smile, smile, smile: D)

* 20% of Instagram users are US citizens. But İnstragram's current number of members is probably 4 times as much as America's.
* It will be due to the fact that they have purchased Instagram, and up to 95% of the users are also Facebook users at the same time. At the same time, 55% of Instagram users are new internet favorite Pinterest members.

* Every day, Instagram users share half of the world's population with likes. We can say between 4-5 billion.

* Stories, now indispensable for everyone, are watched between 300-450 million on average. Is there any TV channel in the world, should it get so many views in a day?

Isn't that strange? When you start first used in Turkey, the number of registered members worldwide, yet the average 20-30 million. Now, as you can see, it is close to 1 billion. These places will be valued, :)